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About Us

I am a mother, entrepreneur, product specialist and advocate. I opened The Sensory Kids® Store in 2011, after a 24+ year career in Marketing, Graphic Design and as a Specialty Retail Store Owner.

As a parent of children with a myriad of challenges, I understand how difficult raising kids with special needs can be and that finding the necessary resources can be even harder. I resolved to change this experience for other families: The Sensory Kids® Store was conceived as the first typical retail store in the country dedicated to serving the specific needs of kids with developmental differences. Finally, a store that makes it easy for parents and caregivers to find what you need!

My business was founded upon the principal that we should Embrace Different® not just include it: Why not broaden our vision to encompass differences? Instead of forcing square pegs into round holes, why not create square spaces too!

After moving from downtown Chicago to the Northern Suburbs, the store changed to meet the needs of a broader audience: Now primarily accessible through our online store, locally and internationally, at, Sensory Kids® products are also available by appointment in our showroom, in-homes, clinics and schools. We offer a full range of sensory, developmental and therapeutic products in a fun, easy-to-navigate format.

In addition to providing this valuable resource, I am an advocate: I'm heavily involved in SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), ADHD, Autism / Aspergers education and initiatives. I'm the NPN Chicago co-chair of the Developmental Differences Support Group and Founder & Organizer of their annual Greater Chicagoland Developmental Differences Resource Fair. I'm also a blogger for the SPD and ChicagoNow Blog Networks and a 30Second Mom contributor. I speak regularly to parent groups and enjoy collaborating with therapy clinics and schools to educate parents about “sensory diets,” and other issues impacting the special needs community.

As a National Commissioner for the Anti Defamation League, I actively fight for equality and civil rights and promote tolerance & understanding in our beautifully diverse world. I strive to stomp out hate, bigotry and anti-semitism wherever it rears its ugly head.

I am passionate and live passionately. I try, every day, to do something in my own tiny way that will make the world a little better place for my kids and for others.

I'm proud to be a mom owned and run business!

Ellen Sternweiler

Owner, Product Specialist, Advocate