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Adjustable Airwalker®, Holds 150 Lbs (60” W x 43” L) *FREE SHIPPING!!!
Adjustable Airwalker®, Holds 150 Lbs (60” W x 43” L) *FREE SHIPPING!!!Adjustable Airwalker®, Holds 150 Lbs (60” W x 43” L) *FREE SHIPPING!!!

Adjustable Airwalker®, Holds 150 Lbs (60” W x 43” L) *FREE SHIPPING!!!

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Your children and children's friends will spend hours bouncing, spinning, hanging, sailing through the air, or just resting inside Airwalker®. This is a product both therapists and clients love!

The Airwalker helps build Sensory Integration, Coordination And Spatial Awareness. A specially designed Spandex sack, that can be suspended from either a properly installed ceiling bolt or a swing (using the Safety Rotational Device and Safety Snap), Airwalker's unique properties create an experience of in-utero suspension and elasticity providing proprioceptive, vestibular and motor planning experiences. Its stretchable, yet resistant-like feel provides trust and relaxation, while allowing children to play. Children may be totally enwrapped or laid out flat, sit, stand, or with another child inside. It is lightweight, takes up minimal space.

After moving or resting in an Airwalker a child can feel more alert, relaxed, and energized. Because of the Airwalker's versatility, positive body experiences abound that increase self confidence, risk taking, and motivation. And... it's just plain fun!

*Ideal for special needs therapy Made with spandex material that allows the sack to stretch. Relaxes the individual while also testing movement and coordination.


• Resistant cocoon provides proprioceptive (deep sensory) input
• Suspension stimulates the vestibular system = balance and coordination
• Builds muscular strength


• Made of breathable Spandex material.
• Includes Adjustable Nylon Strap.
• Holds 150 lbs.
• Sold as Single Unit
• Lightweight takes up minimal space 60 in W x 43 in L (152.4 cm x 109.2 cm)
• Colors will vary.

Made in the USA

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