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Aku Ring 7
Aku Ring 7"Aku Ring 7"Aku Ring 7"

Aku Ring 7"

Price: $7.95
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Aku Rings are soft and very flexible rings that can be easily bent, twisted and caught due to their unique soft, studded surface. They are the ultimate tactile toy!

• Tactile / Nubs & flexibility can provide any fidgety child or adult with hours of sensory input.
• Can also be used with feet
• Fine Motor / Flexible and fun to manipulated

• Soft and very flexible rings
• Easy to catch and manipulate due to their unique studded surface.
• They do not float which makes them ideal for scuba activities in the swimming pool!
• Available in 4 colors - red, blue, green, yellow.

*Colors may vary depending on stock availability

Recommended for ages 3 yrs+