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HowdaHUG Petite Adjustable Chair (Ages 3-5)
HowdaHUG Petite Adjustable Chair (Ages 3-5)HowdaHUG Petite Adjustable Chair (Ages 3-5)HowdaHUG Petite Adjustable Chair (Ages 3-5)

HowdaHUG Petite Adjustable Chair (Ages 3-5)

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The Petite seat is a great "first chair" for early years and will set the stage for good posture. Plus the HUG of the Petite keeps on giving!!

The results of Clinical trials show improvement in the child's ability to make eye contact with the teacher, sit longer and maintain attentive behavior.

This little rollup, portable wood and canvas seat is made especially for little ones to feel safe in their environment. For the smaller tot we suggest the shearling liner slipcover. It makes the seat even smaller and more cradle like.


• Designed for "fidgety kids" who present a need for deep sensory input to find focus, calm and containment.
• Vestibular input - HUGS provide smooth rocking motion.
• Calming
• Promotes balance and core strength.


• Endorsed by professionals and parents alike!
• Design comes from research and clinical trials to attain the finest possible seating during circle time, on the floor or in a chair.
• Water and stain resistant.
• Flexible wooden slats with rugged and bound with durable, 100% cotton canvas.
• Adjustable straps are fidget-proof and safe.
• Environmentally safe and lab tested made of renewable American Basewood.
• HUGS are lightweight and portable, great for home, school, or wherever kids need a supportive embrace!


The HowdaHUG1 is the largest of the HowdaHUG line. Recommended for children ages 7-Teen+, approximate 125lbs max weight.

HowdaHUG2 is narrower for taller children. Recommended for children ages 5- 10+, approximate 100lbs max weight.

HowdaHUG Petite is recommended for children aged 3-5+ years, approximate 40 lb max weight.

* For smaller body frames in larger chairs, the addition of the fleece liner cover will provide softness for the back and shoulders, creating a snug seating experience.

Made in the USA!