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Online Sensory Conference for Parents/Caregivers

United States (October 2016)

Ellen Sternweiler—mom, sensory products expert and owner of The Sensory Kids® Store in Chicago discusses the topic of oral, sensory seeking behavior and shares her tips for choosing the right products. Join her and 30 more top experts in the field of Sensory Processing and SPD as they share their best sensory tips to help you help your sensational loved ones. Check out this clip of Ellen's presentation...

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Sensory Solutions and Support

CHICAGO, IL (June 2015)

“Vibrating oral-facial massager” was the search term Ellen Sternweiler typed into her computer. Mother to three children with developmental differences, Sternweiler was desperately seeking a solution to her middle son’s severe sensory-seeking behavior. She didn’t know what the product was called, she just knew that he needed deep sensory input into his jaw. After three hours of sifting through a barrage of unwanted products, she had an epiphany. She decided to open The Sensory Kids® Store…

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An Awesome Boutique!

CHICAGO, IL (May 2012)

I have seen this Mom all over the Chicagoland area lately! To clarify, I have seen her on Twitter, in magazines, and now she was on TV! What a cool Mom! Watch this video below to see what I am talking about. Can someone say "shopping road trip” to see what kinds of great stuff she has in store for your sensory child?...

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