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Somatron Acoustic, Vibrating Floor Mat *FREE SHIPPING
Somatron Acoustic, Vibrating Floor Mat *FREE SHIPPINGSomatron Acoustic, Vibrating Floor Mat *FREE SHIPPINGSomatron Acoustic, Vibrating Floor Mat *FREE SHIPPING

Somatron Acoustic, Vibrating Floor Mat *FREE SHIPPING

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The original Somatron full body vibro-acoustic portable mat musically massages the body from head to toe while you listen, via the quality speakers, under your ears.

The mat can be placed on a variety of surfaces to permeate the whole body with stimulating and soothing sound vibrations.

The Somatron Mat produces a vibro-tactile effect (vibrations felt by the body) when connected to a sound source. The vibration relaxes the central nervous system, provides auditory processing and physical stimulation, calms hyperactivity, enhances communication and sensory awareness, relaxes hypertone and improves range of motion.

Why are Somatron products so Incredible? Music is a much more powerful tool to achieve the mind/body connection than simple mechanical vibrations. Other devices work at one speed at a time. Somatrons vibrate at many speeds simultaneously due to the music. Each musical note contains several speeds of vibrations. In addition, as these vibrations move from speaker to speaker, you experience a rippling sensation. Somatron volume does not have to be loud and does not sound loud in the room. Any music may be used, but the Somatron Therapeutic music is best due to many low bass notes. Somatron may be used as long as one likes.

• Auditory Therapy
• Relaxation
• Proprioception / Deep Sensory
• Vibration Soothes & Calms the Central Nervous System

• Individual Stress reduction
• Calming restless behavior
• Physical and auditory stimulation
• Tuning the body vibrational energy system
• Making the mind-body connection
• Recreational Therapy
• Occupational therapy
• Music therapy
• Pain management

• Light weight, easily portable.
• Folds in half for easy storage and moving.
• Carry case to protect Portable Mat *SOLD SEPARATELY
• Can be placed on a variety of surfaces
• Patented Somatron Second Diaphragm System in each section
• It is recommended that you purchase a Somatron amplifier *SOLD SEPARATELY at the time of purchase so they can ship the appropriate amplifier for the product at no additional shipping charge - or - If you have an older model stereo with the 4 terminal connections on the back you may connect to any stereo rated 10 to 100 total watts of power.
• Two 12” full range patented speakers
• Two hi-fi head speakers with volume control
• Includes instructions and 20' length of cable

• Mat Measures 4" Heigh x 28” Wide x 74" Long (10cm x 71cm x 188cm)
• 18 Lbs
• Exterior is superior grade soft, leather-like vinyl
• Two 2 amp fuses are used to fully protect the speakers
• One year Manufacturers Warranty on materials and workmanship

*NOTE: This item ships directly from the manufacturer. FREE shipping is only available within the Continental United States (If you are shipping to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, additional shipping charges will apply. Call for a quote). Expedited Shipping is not available. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

Proudly Made in the USA!