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Sensory Tips: Clip #1

CHICAGO, IL (October, 2016)

SPD Parent Zone, SPD Awareness Month Conference: Tip of the Day. To view the whole video and more, click the link below and register for the SPD Parent Zone, "SPD Awareness Month Tip of the Day," benefiting The STAR Institute of Sensory Processing Disorder which helps fund SPD research and scholarships!

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TNPN Developmental Differences Resource Fair Information

CHICAGO, IL (March 3, 2016)

WGN News Chicago Interview with Ellen Sternweiler —Owner of The Sensory Kids® Store, Co-Chair of the Neighborhood Parents Network (NPN) Developmental Differences Group and Resource Fair—and Sara Anderson from Erikson Institute Center for Children and families: Anderson explains, “developmental differences,” and how the term encompasses a broud range of diagnoses. Sternweiler discusses how the NPN Chicago Developmental Differences Parent Group serves the needs of Chicago’s special needs families and how fortunate Chicago is to have such a broad range of services available to them at the Annual NPN Developmental Differences Fair...

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The Sensory Kids Store: A Unique Store for Special Needs Families 

CHICAGO, IL (May 3, 2013)

Fox News Chicago featured Ellen Sternweiler, mom and owner of The Sensory Kids® Store in Chicago; The segment featured products from the store’s extensive selection, a explanation of what it means when educators and therapists refer to a “sensory diet.’ Sternweiler explained how everyone benefits from the products in her Lincoln Square store and how specific items might be helpful for particular sensory seeking behaviors...

ARCHIVED Source: Anna Davlantes & Kori Chambers, FOX News Chicago

Designed for Kids with Developmental Differences

CHICAGO, IL (November 2012)

ABC7 News Chicago featured The Sensory Kids® Store at Bellybum Boutique on 190North; the only inclusive store in the U.S. for kids with developmental differences! Two stores in one, Bellybum & The Sensory Kids® Store offer unique solutions for Mom and Baby and The Sensory Kids® Store helps families of children with developmental differences...

ARCHIVED   |  Source: Janet Davies, ABC News, 190North, Chicago

Boutique Offers Toys for Kids with Disabilities

CHICAGO, IL (May 2012)

Bellybum Boutique is a store for mom and baby. Six months ago, they expanded to offer toys for children with different sensory disabilities. It's a place where both children and parents can fully participate and enjoy. Out of personal frustration of finding the right products for her two children with developmental differences, the boutique owner added the sensory kids store to her business...

WATCH VIDEO     |  Source: Karen Meyer, ABC News, Chicago

What's New? The Sensory Kids Store!

WESTCHESTER, NY (March 2012)—Parents with children who have developmental differences or special needs have enough to do without having to scour the country looking for the specific educational and therapeutic products they need for their children. Bellybum Boutique, an established online and Chicago, IL retail store, has just launched The Sensory Kids® Store to help parents find sensory and developmental toys, therapeutic aids, clothing and resources in an easy-to-use online shopping site...

ARCHIVED Source: Jean Sheff, Westchester Family Magazine