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CHICAGO, IL (June 2015)

“Vibrating oral-facial massager” was the search term Ellen Sternweiler typed into her computer. Mother to three children with developmental differences, Sternweiler was desperately seeking a solution to her middle son’s severe sensory-seeking behavior. She didn’t know what the product was called, she just knew that he needed deep sensory input into his jaw. After three hours of sifting through a barrage of unwanted products, she had an epiphany. She decided to open The Sensory Kids® Store...

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Toys as Tools: Play is a Super Skill Builder & An Easy Sell for Kids

LOS ANGELES, CA (March 2013)

Parents are busy, and parents of children with special needs often feel like they have even more to juggle in their lives than other parents do. One of the things that tends to get little priority in the parental juggle is play, and that is unfortunate because it holds such incredible potential to improve the lives of all kids. Research has verified this, and educational and academic scholars and health organizations like the American Academy of Pediatrics are promoting the play experience as an essential element of childhood...

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What's New? The Sensory Kids Store!


Parents with children who have developmental differences or special needs have enough to do without having to scour the country looking for the specific educational and therapeutic products they need for their children. Bellybum Boutique, an established online and Chicago, IL retail store, has just launched The Sensory Kids® Store to help parents find sensory and developmental toys, therapeutic aids, clothing and resources in an easy-to-use online shopping site...

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Out of frustration came inspiration

CHICAGO, IL (Spring 2012)

Ellen Sternweiler could tell the 8-year-old girl didn’t feel comfortable. The girl, with her younger sister and her parents, had come into The Sensory Kids® Store at Bellybum Boutique shortly after it opened. The mother told Sternweiler the girl showed signs of sensory issues, but was otherwise undiagnosed. “I said to her, ‘You know what, this store is for you. You can walk around and touch and feel. It’s all cool, fun stuff,” Sternweiler recalls. “After a few minutes, they are rolling around the store. Her daughter was happy, really digging it. ”The moment is affirmation for Sternweiler—a mother of three, all with developmental difficulties—who opened The Sensory Kids® Store in late 2011…

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An Awesome Boutique!

CHICAGO, IL (May 2012)

I have seen this Mom all over the Chicagoland area lately! To clarify, I have seen her on Twitter, in magazines, and now she was on TV! What a cool Mom! Watch this video below to see what I am talking about. Can someone say "shopping road trip” to see what kinds of great stuff she has in store for your sensory child?!…

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